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Bring your dogs! Bring your friends! Be our guest for a day afield!

Remember how bird hunting used to be? A trip to the country... Cousin 'What's-his-name' knew where seven coveys could be found. He had a young pointer chained in the back yard that would climb over the tail gate for a day hunting quail. After a stop at the country store for a drink & crackers and your blood was boiling for a day's hunt. Your dog flushed out some birds before you ever loaded your gun.

Sound familiar? Then you're well aware of the type of hunting we're trying preserve at Devil's Rib. Whether your just a beginner or a "Well Broke" hunter, we offer woods and fields suited to all. We endeavor to ensure the birds you hunt and the cover you hunt them in are as challenging as possible.

Hunters may use their own dogs if they so choose or be guided over well trained pointers / setters. We have ideal hunting conditions for training young dogs as well. Individuals booking the hunt will be financially responsible in the event any of our dogs are killed or wounded on guided hunts. There are no bag limits and the preserve season runs October 1 - March 31. A valid North Carolina hunting license and orange hats or vests are required for all hunters.

At Devil's Rib Preserve our aim is to closely simulate wild bird hunting on our farm and woodland.  Our lively birds and varied natural covers will provide hours of relaxing and challenging outdoor enjoyment.  We cordially invite you to bring your dogs and your friends and be our guest for a day afield.  Corporations welcomed.

Preserve Our Tradition and Our Hunters --

Contact us to make arrangments:

Devil'Rib Hunting Preserve
619 Morgan Place
Marshville, North Carolina 28103


Charlie's Quail Hunting Guide Service
Charlie Ritch
33 Jake Tucker Rd.
Midland, North Carolina

We sponsor Nation Rifle Association and Quail Unlimited.

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